At Spectrum Tuition, we’re always looking out for ways to learn and develop new study skills. Recently, we stumbled upon an inspiring TED talk by Matt Cutts called “Try something new for 30 days.” In this talk, Matt recommends a simple method for learning new skills, making the most of your time and building confidence. He argues that each month we should pick a new challenge and spend the entire month trying to complete it. Some of the things Matt tried during his trials were…

  • Riding to work every day for a month
  • Giving up sugar for a month
  • Writing a novel in a month

As Matt explains, a month is the perfect amount of time to add or subtract a habit from your daily routine. 30 days is not so long that it is unachievable, but it is also long enough to show a significant improvement or to make a significant achievement. He also argues that developing a new skill every month makes your month more memorable and, most importantly, builds self confidence.

But what does this have to do with education? Well, here are some ideas for challenges that your child can set themselves for the next month.

  • Limit screen time to half an hour a day for a month
  • Walk to school every day for a month
  • Do their homework as soon as they get home for a month
  • Read a book every week for a month
  • Practice their times tables every morning for a month

These goals seem achievable; surely, anyone can do something for just a month. But you’ll be surprised by how much little things add up to big results. These simple goals can have a dramatic impact on your child’s education! We’ve made a handy board that you can use to write down your own goal. Check it out!

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