With the Victorian Selective Schools exam now taking place in September, a number of parents have asked what courses they should sign their children up to in Term 3. Below are some options:

1. Join our Weekly Selective Membership

2. Re-enrol in Selective Classes and redo the content for the first term

While the course has ended for selective preparation, some students may benefit from completing the first term of content again to reinforce the concepts taught

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3. Enrol in Year 9 or Year 10 classes

This is the most common path for students who complete our selective courses. Our selective courses are designed to bring students to a comfortable Year 9/ early Year 10 level in order to be competitive on the exam so upon finishing the course, most students can join a regular Year 9 or Year 10 class. For students still preparing, joining a Year 9 or Year 10 class will deepen their knowledge of the concepts, which may lead to increased performance.

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4. Exam packs

If you signed up to our selective courses for the year you would have received a free $149 discount voucher to spend in our digital bookstore. Spending the last few months completing practice exam papers is beneficial in improving your test taking technique. Further papers can be purchased using the discount code SPECTRUMSTUDENT20 which will give you a 20% off discount. We are excited to announce that more titles will be added within the next few weeks.

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