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Students can only experience success if they are taught at the right level. We make sure we find out what level this is before your child joins our classes. Complete the form below to book in for a free 2 hour assessment and initial consultation session
  • NAPLAN test preparation

    Does your child need assistance preparing for the NAPLAN Test? Our programs integrate NAPLAN style questions into the materials to ensure your child becomes more familiar with the types of questions that may come up on the test

  • Selective Examination Preparation

    We run classes specifically geared towards helping students prepare for the highly competitive Selective Schools Exam. Find out how we can help your child

  • Private tutoring

    A private tutor can help you or your child with some of the more challenging concepts currently taught in our schools.

  • Mathematics classes

    We provide mathematics classes for students from year 1-12. Our tailored curriculum is designed to help students who need to catch-up with their school work and also students who are excelling and need to be challenged

  • English classes

    Our English classes aim to help you become a more confident and fluent writer.

  • Scholarship Examination Preparation

    Our tailored program is aimed at helping students become more familiar with the types of questions likely to come up on a variety of scholarship exams. Find out how we can help your child

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What are valued clients saying about us

  • When I first came to Spectrum Tuition in 2008 it was my best year because I got an award for doing so well. I also loved the work. Now I am in Grade 6 and am doing so well in primary school!

    Nada Milenkovic, Grade 6
  • The opportunity to learn here has been amazing. The tutors are absolutely fantastic. But what has made this place even better is that I have made new friendships that will last forever

    Ivy Nguyen,Year 10
  • I can honestly say that without the encouragement and motivation from such approachable and friendly tutors at Spectrum, I would not have been offered a place in my dream course – Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.

    Tuan Nguyen, Year 12