“Spectrum has made a HUGE difference to my daughter, they have been terrific where we have seen amazing improvements in her approach to learning. She has so much more confidence and it is amazing the difference tutoring can make. It has been such a positive experience The tutors are friendly, passionate, enthusiastic with a wonderful gift for making your child feel like they’re making real progress. The tutors are proud of every student, regardless of their level of knowledge. They makes learning enjoyable. I recommend them to anyone.” – Maria Sinopoli, Parent.

For many students who come to Spectrum Tuition for mathematics tutoring classes, the conversation usually starts with something along the lines of “I’m having problems with algebra” or “I don’t understand fractions”. After we complete our free assessment we usually find the issues relate to gaps that have been allowed to appear in the earlier years of schooling.

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We all know from our time at school that mathematics is layered. You learn to recognise numbers, then you learn to count, then you learn about place value, then you learn to add… with each skill building on the previous knowledge learnt. At its core, this is what makes mathematics easy to learn. However, this is also the reason correcting issues down the track is so difficult.

If any of the basic skills are missing in a student’s mathematics foundation, their overall knowledge base will be shaky. The further their issues progress without correction, the more fundamentally unstable their mathematics skills are. It’s usually these students who end up disliking mathematics and in many cases have a life long phobia of numbers.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Mathematics can be rewarding. Being able to get the correct answer to a long and challenging sum can be one of the best experiences a student can have at school.

All of our maths and maths methods – not necessarily just maths methods classes but these tips apply to our general mathematics classes also tutoring classes have been designed to give students the confidence they need to succeed from grade prep all the way to VCE, mastering the basics before moving onto the more challenging areas of mathematics. Here are 5 reasons our mathematics classes will help your child build confidence and improve their chance of success at school.

1. Our Maths Tutoring Classes Are Carefully Structured and Tutors Break Concepts Down Into Step By Step Manageable Chunks.

Regardless of how well you are currently performing at school, it is important to fully understand how concepts work from start to finish and to be given plenty of support and practice along the way. We teach students through worked examples, allowing them to ‘have a go’ before setting them a number of graded practice questions and check regularly for understanding. Students are encouraged to redo questions answered incorrectly in order to learn from their mistakes.

Our materials are based closely on the current school curriculum so you can be assured that the knowledge you gain will be relevant to helping you improve at school.

2. Our Emphasis Is On Results

Our tutors recap previous concepts and time is allocated in each class to work with students individually so they are given the opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings.

Our weekly assessments will give you much needed experience to tackle tests as well as encourage continuous revision to improve chances of moving knowledge to long term memory. Along the way, we will advise you on effective techniques to maximise results.

3. Our Tutors Take Part In Continuous Training & Development

It has been found time and time again by studies that teacher quality is the most influential factor affecting student achievement. Through regular training sessions, our tutors are always up to date with the latest advancements in teaching, classroom management and assessment techniques to ensure that each student receives the help that they deserve. They work in teams to uncover the strategies that will convey the material in the most effective way possible, constantly find new ways to keep students engaged and discuss strategies to manage classes so they can get the most out of each week.

4. Our Tutors Are Proactive And Monitor Your Results

We are proactive with following up on homework, monitoring your results and tracking your progress via our online system (http://myspectrumtuition.com). This way, we are always building on a solid foundation and you will almost always see an improvement as each week goes by.

5. We Don’t Rest Until You Are Satisfied

As students, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We regularly survey our students regarding their experience in our classes and take immediate steps to accommodate student requests and continually improve our teaching practice. Call us today to find out how Spectrum Tuition can help you build confidence and help you achieve success with our mathematics and VCE Maths Methods tutors.

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