The NAPLAN test was originally intended to assess whether particular schools were adequately preparing their students. However, due to the standardised nature of the test, some selective schools are using NAPLAN scores as a method of selecting prospective students.

Why is the NAPLAN important to your child?

Whilst the NAPLAN was originally intended to assess the performance of schools across the country, many high schools now use it as part of their selection procedures. For these schools, the NAPLAN provides a clear indication of the skills and aptitudes of each particular student. For better or worse, today, a good NAPLAN score can make the difference between getting into a prestigious high school and missing out. As such, in recent years, we have had to develop our tutoring courses to meet the demands of many parents and students that want to increase their chances of performing well on the NAPLAN.

Even if your child is not interested in attending a private or selective high school, the NAPLAN test can indicate how your child is performing within a larger context. Often, if a child goes to a small school, it is hard to know what their A+ means within the larger context of the state. Often, students at smaller schools who get high marks throughout year 12 can be disappointed by their final ATAR score. Just because you are performing well within your school doesn't mean that you are performing well within the state. As such, the NAPLAN score provides a good indication every 2 years of how your child is performing.

There are many opportunities for high-performing students to gain entry and scholarships to prestigious and selective high schools. The NAPLAN test can provide a good indication as to whether your child would benefit from those sitting these tests. It is an option that all students in the higher bands should consider.

When providing tutoring for the NAPLAN-sitting students in Footscray, Hoppers Crossing and beyond, we don't just help students get all the answers right in order to get good scores; we also help them to develop important problem-solving skills that are applicable throughout their education.

As soon as standardised testing was introduced, it was about more than simply evaluating schools' performance. Not only do selective and private schools carefully track the NAPLAN grades of potential entrants, but increasing pressure on state and federal government to improve schooling standards means your child may soon need to meet a high NAPLAN grade to even be allowed to complete year 12. NSW is already moving to introduce this legislation, and if it is passed, the other states are sure to follow. Don't wait until too late to focus on NAPLAN.


At Spectrum Tuition, our courses are designed to help students feel more confident and successful at school and master all the skills they need for NAPLAN success. Click the link below to start your free assessment. Once your assessment is submitted, your child can complete a FREE 7-day online trial where you will complete a series of online mini lessons to develop your skills in English & Mathematics in a year level of your choice!