How To Set Up An Effective Study Timetable And Establish High Performance Habits

We live in a busy world, full of distractions. No wonder so many students and parents struggle to find the time to study effectively. In between school, meals, exercise, extra-curricular activities and a good night’s sleep, it can be incredibly difficult to find a free hour to dedicate solely to homework or study. But here are some facts:

  1. You have 168 hours in one week – the same amount of time that everybody in the world has – the Queen of England, the Prime Minister of Australia as well as all other students around the world.
  2. Success in VCE is achieved by using these hours as productively as possible so you can avoid procrastination or feel burnt out during the year.
  3. If you can learn to manage your time at an early age, this will help you develop effective habits for the rest of your schooling.

In today’s episode, I will explain the key to establishing an effective study timetable, that will allow a healthy balance of work, rest and leisure. I will also give some helpful tips for developing productive habits, so that studying feels like a natural part of your day, rather than a painful burden.

Finally, I will be announcing an exciting new charity initiative by Spectrum Tuition, aimed to ensure that all students have equal access to quality education!

Are you ready to listen?

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