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Imagine this scenario:

Your child has just had the most amazing year at school. They worked hard, achieved terrific marks, had a wonderful teacher who challenged them with extra work and helped them believe in themselves and in their abilities. You’ve been told you should explore scholarship or select entry programs in a few years as your child has a lot of potential. Your child feels inspired and you are excited.

You are ready to start a new year to build on the foundation that was set. The future is looking very bright.

The following year arrives. You find out that your child’s new teacher has been absent. A lot. The class has had a string of substitute teachers who have been less than inspiring and your previously motivated child has started to become disengaged with school. They are often asked to read quietly in the corner when they finish their work early. You rarely see any homework and when you do, you find yourself questioning whether it is relevant for your child’s level.

You feel yourself becoming a little stressed. Something is not quite right.

Your child’s teacher assures you that your child is doing very well, but with all the disruptions, you wonder whether they are being challenged enough. What can you do? Should you speak with the co-ordinator or the principal? Who else can you turn to for help to ensure that your child has the type of experience they had the previous year and more importantly, to ensure that they remain on track and don’t get lost in the system?

For many parents, this uncertainty is the reality that they are likely to face at some point during their child’s schooling.

All students deserve a quality and consistent education and this is a problem we have spent the last 17 years solving.

In a well run school, the educational program has often been established by specific subject co-ordinators and is tested over time. Planning time is spent tweaking the program and individualising it to students’ needs rather than reinventing the wheel. The classroom teacher is responsible for delivering this program, giving students a more consistent experience, leading to better outcomes. When teachers are absent, internal substitute teachers continue to deliver the program that had already been set by the school to ensure learning is not interrupted.

At Spectrum Tuition, we aim to give your child the most consistent educational experience year upon year. We assess students each week and these results are communicated to you via our online portal.

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Our Curriculum – Different By Design

We understand that one of the most frustrating things for parents is not knowing what their child will be learning and not having a concrete way to find out how their child is progressing.

All of our materials have been specifically designed to be covered in our unique class environment which includes games, activities, explanations, examples, extension work and homework – not just repetitive worksheets.

Work is carefully taught to students and we check for understanding before setting students off to complete work independently.

Our curriculum has been tested and refined over 17 years and the team is headed up by a teacher who has had a number of published academic articles on teaching.  Each booklet is directly aligned to the current Victorian curriculum for Grade Prep to Year 10 and the VCE study design for VCE subjects so you can be assured that the content will be relevant to your child’s specific needs.

In fact, our courses have been specially designed to cover all the key learning areas in the entire curriculum.

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“Through the weekly homework, I get more engaged; challenged to learn and understand new concepts. Within a very short period of my starting at Spectrum Tuition, I feel more happy about my performance in school.”

– Damilola Aibinu, Student

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The First Step —

We Let You Know Exactly What Your Child Needs To Do To Achieve Their Individual Learning Goals

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” – Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland.

At Spectrum Tuition, we recognise that every child is different. Each student who joins our centre has a different range of skills, experiences and strengths.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of students achieve their learning goals. We understand the helplessness you may feel if your child has been embarrassed from a low test score, may need a confidence boost, is struggling to understand difficult concepts, or may be simply lacking in motivation. We can help!

In order to make sure each course is tailored to your child’s specific needs, book a FREE Assessment test. Furthermore, by pinpointing the exact level your child is in before they join classes, we will be in a much better position to create a meaningful plan on how we can help your child achieve success in their studies and reach their fullest potential. For more information about this assessment, please click here.

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We Want To Help Your Child Find Their Passion For Learning

Our classes are designed to be fun, interactive, educational and provide your child with the skills they need to be a confident and passionate learner. Instead of repetitive sheets, we’ve re-imagined how tutoring should be done by building everything from the ground up.

We firmly believe that all students can improve and reach their full potential. Furthermore, all students deserve a high quality learning experience.

Let’s face it. Even the smartest kids can use a nudge in the right direction. With our programs, your child will develop the critical thinking skills that lead to long-term academic success.

“Attending Spectrum helped me a lot. The classes were very organised and enjoyable in a way that helped me learn easily as well as having fun. The teachers were kind and easy going, but strict on the amount of work we had to do. Spectrum also helped me achieve my dream of getting a Scholarship and I would like to use this opportunity to thank all my teachers, especially Thuy who helped me go from someone who had never written a narrative before to a person who loves and enjoys writing.”

– Ana Gakovic, Student

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We Maximise Class Time To Give You Tangible Results – Fast.

Our unique class structure ensures we can cover the maximum amount of content in the limited time we are given. Each class is conducted over the course of an hour and a half.

Our class structure ensures that the material will be carefully taught to your child, with time spent checking for understanding and correct work before allowing students to complete questions independently. This work is then corrected with feedback given and recapped the following week during weekly quizzes. In fact, regardless of your child’s year level, campus or time your child attends, we have a consistent class structure to maximise learning in a limited timeframe.

“The academic confidence my son gained (in going from an average student to a very good student) had a very positive knock-on to every other aspect of his life. My son learnt that academic success is attainable and comes through consistent (often enjoyable) work.”

– Tara Wilkinson, Parent

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We Make It Easy For You To Track Your Child’s Progress – Anytime, Anywhere

We know one of the biggest frustrations parents face with tutoring (and schooling more generally) is not knowing how their child is progressing. That’s why we created our own proprietary student tracking software:

Once you enrol your child at Spectrum Tuition we’ll provide you with log-in details for our student management portal. Your child’s weekly quiz marks will be updated weekly so you’ll be able to keep track of their progress, which will help you make more informed decisions about their educational journey.

We’ve found it’s a great way provide you and your child, with actionable metrics to improve their academic results. To find out more about this feature, please visit:

“My son has been attending Spectrum Tuition for the last two years. The material covered is very carefully structured and the tutors he has had have been instrumental in his progress ( he is studying maths a year ahead of his high school year ) as they deliver the material in a logical manner that helps build his knowledge and confidence. It is also helpful that that my wife and I are able to see how he is going along by logging onto the website and checking his progress.”

– Chris Minas, Parent

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Our Tutors Are Specially Trained To Guide Your Child To Succeed

Research has found that there are two ingredients that make an effective teacher that lead to strong student outcomes: strong content knowledge as well as strong teaching knowledge, otherwise known as pedagogical content knowledge. In fact, our founder, Thuy Pham, co-authored a number of published academic articles investigating PCK. With this in mind, we search for passionate tutors who are top performers in the state for their chosen subject with many achieving perfect scores in their VCE results in a range of subjects.

Additionally, we understand that just because someone scored highly on their VCE results doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be a great tutor. So aside from outstanding content knowledge, we look for tutors who are excellent communicators and are passionate about the content they teach. We provide initial and ongoing teaching training to our tutors to ensure that your child receives the best quality tuition, using the most effective teaching strategies available.

“Spectrum has made a HUGE difference to my daughter, they have been terrific where we have seen amazing improvements in her approach to learning. She has so much more confidence and it is amazing the difference tutoring can make. It has been such a positive experience. The tutors are friendly, passionate, enthusiastic with a wonderful gift for making your child feel like they’re making real progress. The tutors are proud of every student, regardless of their level of knowledge. They makes learning enjoyable. I recommend them to anyone.”

– Maria Sinopoli, Parent

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We Understand Parents Want Their Children To Be Confident Learners

At Spectrum Tuition, we believe that students can reach their full potential with the right help. The ability to learn for most students is already there; all that is required is for someone to help bring that passion for learning out. We aren’t just here for kids who are struggling; we’re here for busy parents who want to help their kids stick to a study schedule, become faster learners, and overcome test and presentation anxieties. When you decide to enrol in one of our programs, we take on the responsibility of teaching your child essential skills and of making study time as rewarding and fun as it should be.

Study time should never be a frustrating ordeal. If your child is frequently getting stuck on homework assignments, having a difficult time understanding class materials or even if they are no longer being challenged at school, contact us right away! We’ll help your child learn how to study more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and above all else, enjoy the challenge of learning.

“Spectrum Tuition is an amazing place to be. The teachers are great, knowledgeable and very passionate about imparting sound knowledge.”

– Damilola Aibinu, Student

Let’s Begin The Journey Now

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