At Spectrum Tuition we hire the best and brightest university students in Victoria. We believe that high performing university students are successful for a reason – they have learnt and applied the skills required to excel at school.

We encourage our tutors to not only teach from our materials, but we also encourage them to share the tips and techniques that have made them standout students (see our blog post on this topic HERE).

We look for people who

  • are motivated;
  • are committed;
  • are passionate about teaching and learning;
  • believe organisation is the key to success;
  • believe that every student can achieve their full potential- if they’re given the right guidance;
  • can follow a structured system that aims to extract the best from all students every week; and
  • can manage and inspire students.

Who Should Apply For A Job With Us?

If you are a motivated, high achieving individual seeking a challenging and rewarding position, then this is the job for you!

We take our responsibility to students and their education seriously, and for this reason we only hire people who are committed to tutoring with us for an extended period of time.

Why Work With Us?

Spectrum Tuition is a high growth company with new locations opening all the time. We believe in innovating and constantly improving how we teach and how we deliver classes. So if you like the idea of gaining employment in a dynamic environment we’re the right place for you.

Not only do we work hard to help our students achieve their full potential, but we also create opportunities for tutors to reach their potential too. We give all of our tutors opportunities to develop their leadership, teaching and presentation skills. This is the rare type of job where you’ll actually learn skills that you’ll be able to apply to your full time career once you finish university.

We also provide a vibrant and fun workplace where you get to learn and improve your skills every week. You’ll also work with many other like-minded students who will support and inspire you to perform at your best.

How To Apply

We are constantly looking for great tutors to take both group and private tutoring sessions with us.

Application for Group Tutoring

If you’d like to join our face to face classes team, we’d love to hear from you. To apply simply click the button below to be taken to our online application form.


Please address all correspondence to Thuy Pham. For more information on job openings and job descriptions, please see below.

Job Openings

We are currently looking for year 1-12 English and Maths group tutors for our campuses in Footscray, Hoppers Crossing, St Albans, Oakleigh, Keysborough, Broadmeadows and Brunswick South as well as private tutors.

Job Description

For both group tutoring and private tutoring, we’re a passionate team who believes in helping students improve their confidence in learning and their overall skills. We’re currently looking for talented and passionate people to join our team.

For group tutoring and private tutoring, the position involves:

  • planning for classes;
  • correcting work;
  • teaching concepts that will assist students with their school work; and
  • giving students feedback on how they can improve.

Having said this, we aren’t a tutoring centre that just leaves you to ‘figure things out’ for yourself. We provide materials, a clear class structure and ongoing support.

Applicants must:

  • be passionate about learning and teaching;
  • demonstrate a strong background in the subjects they are interested in teaching;
  • be extremely well organised;
  • be able to follow systems and procedures;
  • possess excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • have leadership potential;
  • be able to work well in a team; and
  • demonstrate an ability to work unsupervised.

Most importantly, you must be committed and available to teach classes on Saturdays (for group tutoring) or any other day you are scheduled to private tutor throughout the academic calendar.

We’re deeply committed to training and tutor development. In this regard, we provide deep training before you start teaching with us. Also, to ensure that you stay up to date with the latest teaching techniques we provide ongoing training.

Residency Requirements
Australian Citizens only

Spectrum Tuition Internship Program

Click here for more information on our internship program.

We offer structured and consistent weekend classes to help your child prepare for scholarship exams, selective school exams, NAPLAN and VCE exams in a challenging and fun environment.

If your child needs assistance with their learning or selective school exam preparation, we’re here to help them.