At Spectrum Tuition, we’ve designed our in person class structure with a focus on both thoroughness and efficiency, ensuring that we cover the full curriculum for a year level within one year, all within our 3-hour weekly sessions. 

We’ve carefully planned each class to guarantee a comprehensive understanding of the material. This includes initial assessments to confirm and support students’ comprehension of concepts before they advance to independent work. This strategy is supported by a systematic feedback and correction process, enhanced by weekly quizzes aimed at reinforcing previous lessons before smoothly introducing new topics.

In structuring our classes at Spectrum Tuition, we prioritise essential strategies to provide our students with a deeply engaging and effective learning journey. 

Here’s a breakdown of what a typical class involves:

We start each class by reviewing the previous week's homework. This step is crucial for students to understand their mistakes and learn from them, reinforcing their grasp of the material covered.

A short quiz follows, assessing students' understanding of the recent topics. These quizzes are pivotal in tracking progress and pinpointing areas that need more attention.

Immediate correction of the quiz is done, providing students with instant feedback. This helps in clarifying doubts and reinforcing the correct methods of problem-solving.

To keep the learning process dynamic and enjoyable, we introduce an engaging activity related to the day's topic, aimed at enhancing understanding and maintaining interest.

Fundamental concepts are taught through detailed examples. This explicit teaching approach ensures that students grasp the key principles and strategies needed for problem-solving.

After the worked examples, students try similar questions independently, fostering self-reliance in problem-solving and reinforcing their comprehension of the topic.

Students then work on a set of practice questions, further honing their skills and building confidence in their abilities.

To prepare for NAPLAN or other exams, students tackle specific questions styled after these assessments, applying what they've learned in a more formal testing format.

For those seeking an additional challenge, extension questions and activities are provided. These allow eager learners to explore the subject in greater depth.

To reinforce classroom learning, homework is assigned that aligns with the class topics. This practice ensures ongoing engagement and mastery of the subject matter.


Our class structure at Spectrum Tuition is carefully crafted to meet the diverse needs of our students, ensuring a well-rounded and supportive learning environment. Our approach emphasises understanding, application, and active participation, fostering academic success and boosting confidence in the subject matter.

Our teaching methods at Spectrum Tuition involve clear demonstrations, interactive learning, and continuous feedback. This approach has proven effective in not just imparting knowledge but also in fostering excellence among our students and fits hand in hand with the consistent class structure that we follow for each class.

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