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We are firm believers in the potential of every student to excel in English, given their commitment to mastering the basics. Our methodical approach in teaching grammar, punctuation, and spelling, by directly linking them to relevant text types, enables students to establish stronger conceptual connections. By dissecting essays of exceptional quality from diverse styles and clarifying their success factors, we aim to illuminate the path for students to elevate their writing abilities.

Students who may feel less confident will find value in our structured sentence stems, templates and frameworks, which are designed to kickstart their writing journey and foster immediate success in English. From the ground up, we have meticulously designed our teaching materials and class format to provide students with the most comprehensive foundation in English, giving them the tools that will support them throughout their schooling and beyond.

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Our English tutoring classes cover the following:

Year 1 – Year 10


  • Spelling
  • Grammar

Punctuation Usage and language conventions


  • Narratives, Poetry 
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Argumentative Writing
  • Expository
  • Discussion Essays
  • Procedural
  • Explanations
  • Information Reports
  • Text Response




Year 9 – Year 12

  • Vocabulary
  • Argumentative Writing
  • Language Analysis
  • Comparison writing
  • Text Response
  • Oral Presentations

Here are 5 more specific reasons our classes will help your child improve their results:

Incorporating essay writing into the curriculum as a focal point of English classes provides a multifaceted approach to learning that is both contextual and practical. Beginning each session with targeted lessons that address key aspects of writing—such as vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, or proofreading—sets a solid foundation for the day's learning objectives. This structured approach not only reinforces the essential building blocks of effective writing but also ensures that each lesson is directly tied to the broader educational goals and the existing school curriculum.

As students progress through these targeted lessons, they gradually build a comprehensive understanding of the English language, which is then applied and practised through essay writing activities. This method of teaching and learning is highly effective because it allows students to contextualise the grammatical and structural concepts they have learned by applying them in their writing. This application not only solidifies their understanding but also enhances their ability to communicate complex ideas effectively.

Moreover, by aligning the teaching materials and activities with the current school curriculum, the skills and knowledge gained in our classes are directly relevant to what students are expected to know and do in their school based academic assessments. This relevance is crucial for encouraging students to see the value in what they are learning and to understand how these skills apply not only in their academic life but also in real-world contexts.

The practice of essay writing, supported by a strong foundation in writing fundamentals, not only promotes academic progress but also prepares students for future challenges by developing critical thinking and communication skills. This holistic approach to learning ensures that students are not just memorising information but are engaging with it in a meaningful way, thus fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of language.

We conduct weekly assessments that simulate test conditions, offering students valuable experience and promoting regular review of the material. This practice not only enhances their ability to retain information in their long-term memory but also fosters continuous improvement. Alongside these assessments, we provide guidance on efficient study strategies to help students optimise their learning outcomes.

By concentrating on various writing styles each term, we equip students with the skills necessary to excel in their school assessments. Our English tutoring sessions progressively build upon the skills introduced each week, aiming to thoroughly cultivate each essential aspect of study in alignment with school curricula. This structured approach enhances students' capabilities and contributes significantly to their academic success.

We adopt a proactive stance towards homework, keeping a close watch on students' performance and tracking their progress weekly through our online platform which parents can access at anytime. This enables us to provide tailored support precisely when and where it's necessary, fostering continuous improvement in student performance with each passing week.

At the heart of our mission is the unwavering commitment to student satisfaction. We are constantly evaluating and enhancing our courses to ensure the best possible educational journey for our students.

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