“I would like to use this opportunity to thank all my teachers, especially Thuy who helped me go from someone who had never written a narrative before to a person who loves and enjoys writing.” – Ana Gakovic, Student

Our English tutoring classes feature a strong focus on teaching the structure of various texts, as well as teaching the mechanics of English through spelling, punctuation and grammar. Spectrum Tuition’s years of success have shown that such a course will best assist students in writing impactful stories and essays.

Becoming a better writer comes from mastering the basics and using proven techniques to give your writing more impact. Students rarely just need to improve their ‘essay writing’ skills – improvement usually comes from mastering core English skills and plenty of practice.

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We believe that all students can succeed in VCE English as long as they dedicate themselves to improving the basics. Our deliberate approach to teaching grammar, punctuation and spelling in ways that relate back to the focus text type helps students form stronger connections with the concepts. Our dissection of superior quality essays across multiple styles – and an explanation of why they are successful will help students understand the very steps needed to help them improve their writing.

Students who may be lacking in confidence will appreciate our sentence stems and structures to get them writing – and succeeding – in English immediately. We’ve designed our materials and class structure from the ground up to give students the most complete versing in English possible.

Here are 5 more specific reasons our classes will help your child improve their results:

1. Our English Tutoring Classes Are Carefully Structured And Tutors Break Concepts Down Into Step By Step Manageable Chunks.

Regardless of how well your children are currently performing at school, it is important that they fully understand how the core concepts of the curriculum work from start to finish, and that they be given plenty of support and practice along the way.

We START each of our English classes with a brief lesson focusing on specific mechanics related to the day’s writing activity, be that vocabulary, grammar, punctuation or proofreading, and finish it with developing essay writing skills. Our materials are directly aligned to the current school curriculum, so you can be assured that the knowledge our students gain will be relevant to helping them improve at school.

2. Our Emphasis Is On Results

Our English tutors recap previous lessons’ concepts and time is allocated in each class for them to work with students individually. Students are given many opportunities to clarify any misunderstandings.

Our weekly assessments provide students with much needed experience in test conditions as well as encouraging continuous revision. This improves the rate at which knowledge is committed to long term memory. Along the way, we advise them on effective study techniques to maximise results.

3. We Focus On Different Writing Styles Each Term

Focusing on different writing styles each term gives students the best chance of achieving better MARKS at school. Our English tutoring classes build on skills taught each week with the aim to fully develop each key area of study in line with school curricula.

Our English tutoring classes cover the following:

Year 1-Year 10


  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Usage and language conventions


  • Narratives, Poetry
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Argumentative Writing
  • Expository
  • Discussion Essays
  • Procedural
  • Explanations
  • Information Reports
  • Text Response

Year 9 – Year 12

  • Vocabulary
  • Argumentative Writing
  • Language Analysis
  • Comparison writing
  • Text Response
  • Oral Presentations

4. Our Tutors Are Proactive And Monitor Your Results

We take an active approach with homework, monitoring students’ results and tracking individual progress via our online system. This way, we can apply individual support when and where it’s needed, ensuring students will almost always see an improvement as each week goes by.

5. We Don’t Rest Until Students Are Satisfied

We want all our students to know; your satisfaction is our number one priority. We regularly survey our students regarding their experience in our classes and take immediate steps to accommodate student requests and continually improve our teaching practice.

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