Understanding The Difference Between Scholarships and Accelerated Learning Programs

Each year, thousands of hopeful year 6 students across Victoria sit extremely challenging exams in the hope of securing a scholarship at a prestigious private school or a place in an accelerated learning program. For many of these students, these exams are their best chance of receiving the high quality education necessary to achieve their dream.

So, what is the difference between scholarships and accelerated programs? And how can these programs help your child?

In today’s episode, I’ll be explaining the difference between scholarships and accelerated learning programs for Year 6 students looking to enter high school in Year 7. We’ll be drilling down into the each of the programs, and giving some valuable insight into how you can prepare your child for each one. If you have a child in primary school who is bright, motivated and is willing to learn and you’re currently thinking about high school options but you’re anxious about selecting the right high school to ensure they are constantly being challenged, then this episode is definitely for you.

Are you ready to listen?

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