At Spectrum Tuition, we are passionate about scholarship examination preparation. We understand that covering content is only half the effort, and when faced with the daunting task of study and effective preparation, it can become overwhelming for a single student to take on-board. To alleviate these feelings of being overwhelmed, we provide tutoring tailored to scholarship exam preparation that covers content, exam strategies and exam time management to make sure all our students know exactly what to expect and can approach their exam studies with confidence, knowing that they have someone to help them through the long process. Preparing for a scholarship examination does not need to be a daunting task so long as you have a clear plan and a solid understanding of what the process entails.

How to Prepare for a Scholarship Exam

There are three main test companies that administer scholarship examinations, and each outlines their exam as listed below:


The ACER exam contains four sections
Test:1Written Expression(25 minutes)
Test:2Humanities(40 minutes)
Test:3Mathematics(40 minutes)
Test:4Written Expression(25 minutes)


The AAS exam contains four sections
Test:1General Ability(45 minutes)
Test:2Mathematics(45 minutes)
Test:3Reading Comprehension(45 minutes)
Test:4Written Expression(25 minutes)


The EDUTEST exam contains six sections:
Test:1Written Expression - Creative(15 minutes)
Test:2Written Expression - Analytical(15 minutes)
Test:3Mathematical Reasoning(30 minutes - 60 multiple choice questions)
Test:4Reading Comprehension(30 minutes - 50 multiple choice questions)
Test:5Numerical Reasoning(30 minutes - 50 multiple choice questions)
Test:6Verbal Reasoning(30 minutes - 50 multiple choice questions)

While these exams vary in the content they cover and their time allocation per each section, all above structures share common elements: all exams cover a writing component, either creative or analytical, all exams contain a mathematics component, and all exams contain a reading comprehension component. Depending on the test structure you might be facing a ‘General Ability’ component which may include: verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and/or abstract reasoning.

Our scholarship preparation courses are designed to prepare students for each component to ensure that no matter which examination your child sits, you can be assured that they will sit that examination in full confidence of their knowledge and ability.

Due to the extremely challenging nature of these exams, we recommend that you give your child ample time to prepare.