Q & A with Dr Maureen Vincent, a current Spectrum Tuition parent

Have you ever wondered if your child has what it takes to sit the Victorian Selective Schools exam or other scholarship exams, and what would be the best way to prepare? 

Have you been thinking about enrolling at Spectrum Tuition but are unsure of whether it would be suitable for your child? 

In this episode of the Spectrum Tuition podcast, we speak with Dr Maureen Vincent, an academic in the psychology department at Trinity College, The University of Melbourne and current Spectrum Tuition parent who outlines her experiences preparing for these two exams.

We also answer questions posed by parents who attended our first parent meetup held at Stone and Chalk, Melbourne about VCE subject selection and how to maximise your ATAR. 

Are you ready to listen? Check it out now!

Click the link below to watch a video of the amazing Q & A with Dr Maureen Vincent

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VIDEO: VCE subject selection and how to maximise your ATAR

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