Exceptional Selective Tutoring

Our tutors are some of the most motivated and high achieving students in the country. Let them guide your child to achieve the best possible results with our selective tutoring services.

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Structured Courses for Exam Preparation

We provide our students with weekly booklets mapped directly to the current Victorian curriculum. We produce all our own materials, exclusively for classes at Spectrum. Our individually-tailored programs are designed to help your child improve their results at school and for scholarship preparation.

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Weekly Tutoring Assessments

At the start of every class we conduct a short quiz based on the previous week’s work. This lets us figure out where your child still needs help and to teach them valuable test taking skills.

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Result Tracking From Wherever You Are in Melbourne

Our online student portal allows you to see your child's weekly test scores from anywhere with an internet connection. It allows you to stay informed about your child's exam preparation progress easily and quickly.

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Your Child's Success Is Our Mission

We help students achieve their full potential by providing them with the help that best aligns with their current skill level. Everything we do, from our FREE initial assessment through to our online student results portal, is designed to ensure your child has the best chance at success.

If your child needs assistance with their learning or selective schools exam preparation, we're here to help them.

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