What Makes Our Tutors Amazing?

Our tutors aim to teach students the most effective strategies for writing essays, solving mathematical problems and achieving exam success – all within a 1.5 hour weekly class. As such, our class structure and course materials are optimised for success. Furthermore, to help us achieve our goals, we need to hire the best tutors.

Spectrum Tuition proudly employs the state’s highest performing students to deliver our carefully designed and structured course. Furthermore, we hire tutors who can provide both inspiring and practical advice to help you achieve success in your studies.

We specifically hire for content knowledge, attitude, communication skills and enthusiasm. Then, we invest significant time to teach very select candidates the skills required to succeed at Spectrum Tuition.

Educational Background:

Here, we provide the unique opportunity to learn directly from high achievers who are currently studying a diverse range of degrees including:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Law
  • Pharmacy
  • Engineering
  • and various combined degrees.

We hire Premier’s Award winners, Melbourne National Scholarship recipients, and DUX and scholarship winners from various private and selective schools in Australia.

Overall, we select the best Melbourne has to offer. Then, to ensure classes are of a consistent high standard, all staff take part in initial and regular ongoing teaching training. Ultimately, this ensures that they understand how students learn, and how to run effective and engaging classes.