Give your child the best shot in their schooling. Spectrum Tuition offers a range of primary school tutoring programs in both group and one-on-one settings to better prepare your child for the challenges ahead.

Students of all abilities can benefit from some help outside of the classroom, allowing every child to reach their full potential. Our primary school classes are directly aligned to the latest Victorian curriculum requirements with related NAPLAN style questions following most sections to better prepare students for the challenges ahead. Even students currently excelling in their schooling can gain from the additional challenges and support offered through our programs, allowing them to stay engaged with their education and fully develop their skills throughout this period. Gifted students may join our scholarship preparation programs to improve their chances of succeeding on competitive exams.  Find out what your child is really capable of. Book a free assessment today.

Structured Courses Designed To Help You Succeed

Your child’s primary school days are some of the most critical periods in their development. It’s at this age that they begin to lay the foundation for advanced abilities that will see them through secondary school and into adulthood, so ensuring they have the appropriate support is crucial. That’s why at Spectrum Tuition, we have a structured approach to help you achieve consistent and measurable results.

  1. We begin each class with a quiz that recaps the previous week’s work. Not only is this a useful way to review past work, thus making it easier to build on in the current week, the weekly quizzes develop essential test taking skills that will be useful throughout a student’s schooling.
  2. English classes will start with a skill building activity, whether it be grammar, spelling or punctuation followed by a related writing lesson. For example, if adjectives have been introduced during the skill building portion of the class, the writing lesson will build on this knowledge by teaching students how to describe settings or write a character description.
  3. Mathematics classes will start by providing a brief overview of the theory, followed by worked examples on the board, a have a go question designed to test students’ understanding and if the tutor is satisfied with the student’s level of understanding, extended practice questions will be set allowing students to reinforce knowledge learnt.
  4. Homework will be set each week. Our homework exercises have been very carefully designed to help students review the work introduced in class. This ensures students will stay engaged with the work and develop into independent learners and thinkers.

We understand that there’s a real opportunity here to help your child reach their full potential and flourish into an inquisitive and intellectually engaged individual, so we ensure that our tuition programs focus on developing abilities that they can apply now and into the future. Covering all the key subjects including English and Mathematics, we help set your child up for a successful schooling career, allowing them to benefit now and into the future.

The right choice for children of every age

Spectrum Tuition offers a broad range of programs catering to students of every background, ability, interest and year level. Whether you’re hoping to get your child into a selective entry school or are looking to help them succeed at the very end of their schooling in the VCE examinations, we can support you and them.

Call today on ​1800 668 177, or send us a message through our contact page and start a conversation that could benefit your child for years to come.