Selective Exam Practice Papers Now Available For Purchase

The Victorian selective schools entrance examination for 2013 is just around the corner and it is an exam that your child must prepare for in order to improve their chances of success. How much preparation your child receives depends on many factors such as your child’s attitude to study, expertise and economic factors, however, to give you perspective, it is becoming common practice for parents to help their children prepare several years in advance to not only maximise their chances of gaining a place at one of these top schools, but to ease anxiety in the days leading up to and on the actual day of the exam.

While many people are of the view that preparation gives students an unfair advantage and students should be selected based on their natural ability, schools vary widely and the order that one school chooses to present topics to students may differ widely from the next. The test will contain items that will test knowledge that will be beyond the Year 8 curriculum, so while your child may be the top student in their class, they may not have the requisite knowledge to pass the exam.

If your child will be sitting these examinations in a few week’s time and has not prepared for the task at hand, there are several things you should do:

  1. Sign up to our free 5 part selective schools success course
  2. Have your child complete the practice exams published by Edutest to determine what gaps exist
  3. Sign up to our mock exam to give your child an opportunity to sit a full length test BEFORE the day.
  4. Have your child complete additional practice papers to familiarise themselves with the format and to cover the widest range of questions that are likely to appear on the actual test. There are some freely available tests which we have linked to here

If you would like more practice tests that cover similar topics and is formatted like the actual test that your child will encounter on the actual exam, the following exam packs are available for purchase:

Package 1: Basic $49

In this package, you will receive one full length test plus basic answers for each of the following areas:

  1. Reading comprehension
  2. Verbal reasoning
  3. Mathematics
  4. Numerical reasoning
  5. Narrative prompt
  6. Persuasive prompt

This package is suited to students who just want a bit of extra practice and who may already be familiar with many aspects of the exam and can work backwards to determine the correct answer based on the basic answer given.

Package 2: Advanced $149

In this package, you will receive three full length tests plus full worked solutions and explanations for each question for each of the following areas:

  1. Reading comprehension
  2. Verbal reasoning
  3. Mathematics
  4. Numerical reasoning
  5. Narrative prompt
  6. Persuasive prompt

This package is suited to students who are quite confident with their essay writing skills but would like more opportunities to practice multiple choice questions in order to get exposure to a wide range of questions and improve their timing. Full solutions will effectively support their study.

Package 3: Ultimate $199

In this package, you will receive everything in the Advanced package plus:

Correction and feedback for 4 essays via email.

This package is suited to students who may be confident with essay skills but would like to receive feedback on 2 essays initially then use that feedback to make improvements on the two remaining essays to be submitted.


To purchase additional exams, please click here

4 Signs That Your Child May Be Ready To Sit A Scholarship Or Selective Schools Test

In today’s competitive education system, students with high ambitions need to work extra hard to get ahead. The importance of a good education cannot be overstated. The bad news is, achieving a scholarship or getting into a selective school is getting harder and harder as students become more and more competitive. The good news is, if your child is talented and hard working, there are a range of opportunities out there to ensure that they reach their potential! Many prestigious schools in Victoria offer tests to identify which students they will accept, and which students are talented enough to receive scholarships. These tests can open doors for students who would otherwise not have had the chance to receive a top-level education. The question that many parents are asking is “is my child ready to sit a scholarship or selective test?” Here are 4 reasons why they might be:


1. Did your child score above average in their NAPLAN test?

Selective schools are looking for the highest percentage of students in each year level. If your child’s NAPLAN scores show that they are a year or two ahead of their classmates, then they are in a great position to sit a selective or scholarship exam.


2. Is your child passionate about learning new things?

Scholarship and selective exams are suited for students who are passionate about their work. These exams require students to be well-read, imaginative, capable of forming opinions, and have a solid grasp on complex mathematical concepts. If your child is passionate about their schoolwork, then they have precisely the right attitude needed to succeed.


3. Does your child feel unchallenged by their current schoolwork?

Selective schools can offer a great opportunity for students that feel unchallenged by the level of difficulty in their current work. These tests provide the chance for your child to work towards a more challenging goal, to approach unfamiliar and complex problems, and to see their hard work pay off.


4. Does your child have a talent for thinking creatively?

Selective school and scholarship tests are not just designed to test your child’s ability to remember facts. Students sitting these tests are required to think in abstract and creative ways. Students who love creative writing, or are good at coming up with a lot of interesting ideas will have a natural advantage.


Does this sound like your child? If so, you should be giving serious thought to having them sit a scholarship or selective schools exam. We offer a free assessment to test your child’s ability and based on the results, can give you a more informed decision as to which pathway would suit your child’s needs. If you would like to know more about selective and scholarship exams, or if you would like to discuss how we can help to prepare you and your child for this opportunity, please feel free to email us or call us today!

FREE 5 Part Scholarship & Selective Schools Exam Preparation Online Success Course.

For students preparing for upcoming scholarship & selective schools exams, sign up to our FREE 5 part email series addressing all major topics straight into your inbox! Over 5 weeks, we will provide you with tips and practical skills to help you deal with different aspects of various scholarship, accelerated program entrance exams and the selective schools test in Victoria. Topics include:

1. Reading comprehension
2. Verbal reasoning
3. Narrative writing
4. Persuasive writing
5. Numerical reasoning

Some sample questions and solutions provided!

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Is Your Child Ready For The Selective Schools Test?

On Saturday 1st June, Spectrum Tuition will be running a full simulated 3 hour practice exam for Year 8 students who have been preparing for this year’s Selective Schools’ Test in Victoria.

Program Timetable

Saturday, 1st June 2013
9am – 12pm (3 hours)

Students sit a full simulated exam under the same time constraints and exam conditions they’ll face on the day of the real exam. The exam questions will mimic the types of questions students are likely to face on the day.

Sunday, 2nd June 2013
9am – 12pm (3 hours)

Students will receive their corrected exams back. Our expert team of tutors will present a session on questions that were commonly answered incorrectly on the simulated exam. We’ll also provide students with invaluable tips on how they can prepare for the real exam and perform at their best on the day.

Places are strictly limited. For more information and to book your place, please click here