7 Things I’ve Learnt About Education Over The Past 14 years Running Spectrum Tuition

‘Education is the best weapon you can use to change the world’ – Nelson Mandela.

It’s a bit hard to believe that Spectrum Tuition is heading into its 15th year. Over the years, we have been helping both students who struggle to keep up with their classmates as well as students who are so bright that their mainstream schools struggle to keep up with them. As a result, I have been given a unique insight into how to best cater to students from these two extremes as well as gain a wider understanding of how the education system works from the inside.

With the school year fast approaching and as a parent to a child who is about to start school this year, I thought it’d be a good time to share the most significant learnings I’ve developed over the time I’ve been running Spectrum Tuition. This is so that you too are equipped with the knowledge to make more informed decisions for your children.

Here are 7 of the most important lessons I have learnt about educating mainstream students from my experience running Spectrum Tuition.

1. Students should be grouped based on ability, rather than age.

Most topics at school are based on a series of skills that if learnt in the correct sequence will lead to success.

If your child is finding a specific topic difficult, it is rare that this is the only topic they are having problems with at school. A student who is having problems with fractions or algebra is most likely also having problems with multiplication or division. If a child is struggling with spelling or reading, it’s because they don’t have a strong enough handle on phonics. Most topics at school build on from earlier topics.

We do not recommend placing children into classes that may be beyond their ability level before they have built a strong enough foundation in earlier topics because they will constantly feel like they need to catch up. Children develop and mature differently and to ensure that they achieve high results at school, they need to be taught at a level where they can engage with the material as well as provide enough of a challenge to give them the best opportunity to shine.

This is why at Spectrum Tuition, our number one priority when new parents enquire about classes is to book in for a free, no obligation assessment where we thoroughly assess students’ existing abilities in writing, grammar/ punctuation, reading comprehension and mathematics across several year levels in order to pin-point exactly what your child’s level is in order to tailor a plan to best meet their specific needs.


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“Spectrum is making a HUGE difference to my daughter. They have been terrific and we have seen amazing improvements in her approach to learning”.

    – Maria Sinopoli, Parent

“Thank you Thuy for all your support and providing a program that gives students the opportunity to shine. And isn’t that what education should be about?”

    – Maureen Creasey, Parent

“If you are considering an additional study support, Spectrum Tuition is an amazing place to be. The teachers are great, knowledgeable and very passionate about imparting sound knowledge”.

    – Damilola Aibinu, Student

“We would strongly recommend Spectrum Tuition for anyone seeking any type of tuition – they get results.”

    – R. Devlin, Parent

“The material covered is very carefully structured. The tutors have been instrumental in [my child’s] progress”

    – Chris Minas, Parent

Your Child’s Success Is Our Mission


Your Child’s Success Is Our Mission

We help students achieve their full potential by providing them with the help that best aligns with their current skill level. Everything we do, from our FREE initial assessment through to our online student results portal, is designed to ensure your child has the best chance at success.

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