I want to tell you a story that illustrates the importance of tailored exam preparation.

This story is important because it teaches you that small changes in your study habits can produce life-long benefits. This technique will help you get not only pass but excel in your academic endeavours.

Here’s what happened …

Oliver had average grades. His parents recognised that he was kind, bright and active, but they knew he had the potential to achieve more out of life.

His parents looked into different scholarship options but they knew that hundreds (or maybe thousands) of stellar students in the country would also be fighting for a spot. After all, some of these places were valued at over $100,000!

Oliver knew that with the right preparation, he could gain an advantage. He only had one shot, and he had to get it right.

So, they took some time to reflect on his whole academic life up to that point. What are his biggest time wasters? What are his unnecessary activities? What habits have prevented him from getting the highest scores? What’s the fault in his study routine? Why can’t he focus at times?

Oliver re-evaluated and re-calibrated his strategy and after attending our scholarship preparation classes, was able to secure several scholarship offers to a number of independent schools.


WONDERFUL TEACHERS, WELL-STRUCTURED PROGRAM, EXCELLENT WRITTEN MATERIALS My son and his cousin went along to SPECTRUM (the Footscray Maths/English Scholarship Preparation classes) on Saturdays for the best part of a year. 

I was surprised and pleased that both boys were offered scholarships at APS schools and the course provided a huge confidence boost. After reading research finding that a child’s self-esteem follows their academic achievement (not the other way around, as I had presumed), I wanted something to improve my son’s fairly average academic performance. He had just begun grade 5. I looked at four other possibilities: James An, Hendersons, Kumon and getting a private tutor. Spectrum was considerably further from our home than the other options, but there were two things that set Spectrum apart: 

(1) The material taught in sessions (and reviewed in the homework) is a good fit for the Victorian school curriculum as well as the ACER and EDUTest exams. 

(2) The written materials provided to students are very well designed and structured. And the materials have an in-built system of revision. 

There were a couple of things I hadn’t expected: 

(1) Best practice teaching. The skill and enthusiasm of the teachers was absolutely first rate. 

(2) There are systems in place to communicate student progress to parents every week. 

(3) The academic confidence my son gained (in going from an average student to a very good student) had a very positive knock-on to every other aspect of his life. 

(4) My son learnt that academic success is attainable and comes through consistent (often enjoyable) work. I very highly recommend Spectrum. Big thanks to Thuy Pham and her team! Tara


Now here’s your big takeaway from all this …

While studying for exams isn’t easy, there are ways to overcome any obstacle.

Forget about not being the person with the highest IQ. Preparation is the key to success.

However, there are some crucial things to keep in mind as you apply this technique to your situation. These include:

● Avoid cramming

Filling your brain with loads of information within a short time is not advisable. To retain every piece of information in your long-term memory, you must take it one at a time so that your brain has enough time to process and absorb it. Frequent review solidifies its place in your memory.

At Spectrum Tuition, preparing for a scholarship or selective exam is a ONE YEAR process. We do not believe in quick fixes – it takes commitment to win a coveted scholarship or to improve generally through building positive and sustainable habits, and we recommend that you give your child enough time to prepare to give them the best opportunity to succeed.

● Don’t push yourself too hard.

Taking the review to the extreme is also ineffective. Doing every single program available from several different providers will lead to burnout and stress. With Temecula Dental Implants and Oral Surgery be sure of expert dental procedures in California. Studies show that a lack of relaxation and downtime can actually reduce your child’s changes of success and disrupt their cognitive performance.

Moreover, enrolling in a variety of programs may lead to conflicting information which may confuse your child and reduce their chances of success. Relying on a quality program will bring this balance to your child’s life and lead to optimal performance.

● Use quality materials with a focus on exam patterns

The Spectrum Tuition Scholarship Preparation course has been refined to meet the changing demands of scholarship examinations for 20 years to develop students’ content knowledge as well as time management skills during the actual exam.

Often the material tested is several year levels above the students’ expected level. By teaching students step by step on how to approach and answer a wide range of unfamiliar questions with opportunities to complete practice exams, students will feel more confident on the actual day.

Enrolments are open to students who are starting Year 5 in 2021. If you believe your child would benefit from the challenges that the scholarship program will bring, please complete a free online assessment by clicking on the link below:

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If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.