Spectrum Tuition prides itself on the accountability measures we have in place for students:

  • Weekly quizzes based on the previous week’s work
  • Real time updates via our proprietary online portal (myspectrumtuition.com)
  • Spectrum Stars which are awarded to students who achieve full marks on their weekly quizzes

While it has been a challenge for us to ensure students are accountable for their work remotely as different students have different levels of motivation, we are pleased to outline the following initiatives while students continue to work online:

1) Students are required to check in to our online community when they complete their work on Saturdays

2) Our online quizzes are self marking so tutors will receive results immediately and update the myspectrumtuition.com system

3) If students decide to complete their quizzes in their books, we ask that they submit the quiz after their classes on Saturdays so tutors have time to update the results during the week. Any other work that you would like corrected can be submitted by Friday before the following week’s class.

Please join our online parent community if you are a current parent or student for exclusive news, tips, discussions, updates and to see whether your child was the Spectrum Star for the week. Please answer the membership questions in order to gain access.

If we do not have results collected, your child’s tutor will contact individual families via a phone call so all results can be up to date. During these phone calls, students have the opportunity to ask any questions from the tutor regarding their work.

We hope these measures will ensure that your child feels more supported while learning at home.