1. How do I submit work to be corrected?

We understand that parents are very busy during this time which is why we have tried to make things as easy as possible for you by giving students feedback on their work immediately. We do this by providing solutions and allowing them to self correct and improve their skills throughout the lesson. This will ensure that they become more independent with their work and more responsible.

What this means is that for most cases, you may not need to scan and send through the entire booklet, except for the few pages that require correction such as essays and paragraphs or specific questions that they are having problems with. Of course, if you prefer that we correct the entire booklet, you are welcome to scan through all pages, however we do understand this takes time so we encourage students to correct some of their own work where possible, learn from mistakes and note down any issues on their question slip to follow up at the end of the session.

2. What is the best way to scan through work?

If you have a smart phone, we recommend a scanning app such as Tinyscanner, which turns your phone into a hand held scanner. It is fast, requires minimal effort and is clear for us to see your child’s work and provide them with feedback.

3. Why do the sessions begin at 10:00am and 2.00pm and not from 9:30 and 1:30pm?

These times allow students to get started with their work at 9:30 or 1:30 when classes at Spectrum Tuition will usually commence, and help students get settled with homework correction and the quiz. If they have questions about any of these aspects, they can ask the tutor when he or she comes online. We want to also allow students to work at their own pace, as some students work faster or slower than others, so by having a small buffer after the session it will ensure students can get the support they need for each class.

4. Will these sessions go through the weekly books?

These Zoom sessions will focus on answering student queries as they arise rather than repeating the content from the video lessons. Sessions can also be used to get real time feedback on work completed or you can check in with your tutor throughout the day.

5. Can I go to both sessions?

You’re welcome to attend either session

6. Will the tutor be the same in both sessions?

To ensure students have a better relationship with the tutor who will be assigned to the class, in most cases, the live tutor will be the same for English and mathematics and will run both morning and afternoon sessions. Students may decide to complete either subject first, so it was important for us to maintain consistency in our support to students. You can also check in with the tutor if your child has problems getting started at the beginning of the day, so he or she will be able to point you in the right direction.

7. Why can’t a tutor be live online and go through the course work with students?

Students work at different paces so we wanted the main mode of content delivery to be via video so students can pause and rewind when necessary. Additionally, from both running Zoom sessions and participating in Zoom sessions, or any other video conferencing tool, glitching may occur – even if it is only for a slight period. While many of these platforms work superbly most of the time, the success of the session depends on the reliability of the internet connection between the host and the student so we didn’t want the main content of delivery to depend solely on the chance of a piece of technology working on a particular day.

By complementing the video lessons with Q & A zoom sessions, rather than making them the main mode of delivery, lessons can be more effective and students can feel more confident and motivated to succeed.